Free license keys for Kaspersky

Free license keys for Kaspersky

This page contains free license keys for different versions of Kaspersky Anti-Virus. At the time of publication, all codes are valid and allow you to activate Kaspersky Internet Security or KAV. If the keys are not valid, then you can wait for the update, or buy yourself a personal license code for the latest versions of KIS and KAV at a very cheap price.

Download KIS and KAV license codes 2020-2021

Kaspersky Lab is an international developer of software for protection against computer viruses, spam, hacker attacks and other cyber threats. The company produces products for computers, tablets, smartphones, home and corporate use. There are also comprehensive office products to protect all network nodes, workstations, mail and file servers.

The software is distributed by subscription: the user needs to activate the key for Kaspersky in his Personal Account at After authorization, go to the “Licenses” tab, and you will see the line “Add activation code”. Conveniently, one subscription can be distributed to several devices at once. Most often, the license is provided for a specific period (for example, a year), there is also an option for an unlimited subscription (no expiration date).

How to get an antivirus license for free?

If you do not want to constantly spend money on renewing your subscription, we offer you a list of working keys for Kaspersky on this page. All codes are pre-checked for validity. You can choose the right product key and keep your data strong and secure at no cost.

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