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Free product keys for Windows 7 Home Basic

Free Windows 7 Home Basic product keys

This page contains free product keys for Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic. At the time of publication, all keys are valid and allow you to activate your Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic product online or by phone. If the keys are not valid, you can wait for the update, or buy yourself a personalized Windows 7 Home Basic product code at a very low price.

Free Windows 7 Home Basic Keys:


The Windows 7 Home Basic operating system lets you do more things on your desktop. Microsoft has updated the taskbar and made it more functional, made it easier to find, introduced multi-monitor support, and improved performance.

All OS features become available to the user only after activating the product code. If you do not use the Windows 7 Home Basic key, you will face a lot of restrictions:

  • during the trial period, there will be continuous activation reminder messages;
  • at the end of this period, the limited functionality mode will turn on: instead of the wallpaper, a black fill will appear on the screen, notifications will regularly pop up demanding to immediately register the OS, and such messages disappear only after 20 seconds;
  • some programs may start closing by themselves.

To work comfortably with the operating system, you no longer need to spend money on an expensive license. You can select a verified Windows 7 Home Basic key on this page and register it during or after OS installation.

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