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Windows 10 Pro Product Key

Number of devices

1 PC

Bit depth of the System


Supported languages

All languages



Intended use

for home use

Item include

key, download link, installation instructions


Windows 10 Pro is an enhanced version of the popular operating system. Its main feature is enhanced information protection, the availability of functions for working with documents and data analysis. This edition is suitable for home use and for solving business problems. The version also allows you to customize the type of updates you install.

You can use the OS without restrictions after activation. On the website, we offer to buy a Windows 10 Pro key on optimal terms. Immediately after payment, a 25-digit code is sent to the client’s email, and he can register the product within a few seconds. Our keys do not “fly off” over time: it is enough to activate once in order to constantly use the maximum features of the professional version of Windows.

Windows 10 Pro Edition Features

Compared to the standard version of the Home operating system, the Pro version has additional features:

  • no restrictions on the installation of additional equipment: the professional edition interfaces with peripheral devices, video editing equipment, external sound cards, etc.;
  • using cloud storage to save hard drive space;
  • improved data protection when transferring over a local network;
  • remote control support;
  • BitLocker device encryption to protect your data in case your equipment is stolen.

Working with non-activated Windows 10 Pro

There are no serious functional restrictions when using an unregistered version of the operating system. The computer does not turn off after a certain time, but some inconveniences are still present. Users cannot customize personalization, including wallpapers and themes. In addition, regular reminders that an unactivated OS is used distract from work.

Product activation

In order to forget about the restrictions and perform your tasks comfortably, it is recommended to buy a Windows 10 Pro key. It can be activated both during the initial installation of the operating system (at one of the boot stages), and after this process. If a non-activated version of Windows is installed on the device, to register it, you need to go to the “Start”, “Settings”, “Update and Security”, and then “Activation” section. Here you will be able to update the product key in the corresponding field.